Shina Rambo, Notorious Armed Robber Returns; Reveals Why He Is Still Alive

It was a shock to many Nigerians who listened to a radio programme on Fresh FM Ado Ekiti last night when a man who recognized himself as Oluwagbemiga Oluwashina claimed he’s the most wanted criminal, Shina Rambo, who the country for years.

The programme which was hosted by the founder of Fresh FM, Yinka Ayefele, simply revealed that Shina Rambo, the notorious armed robber, who killed innocent souls in his escapades is alive and well. Speaking in the programme, Shina Rambo claimed he’s now a pastor and he has repented and found Jesus.

Speaking on his acclaimed death, he mentioned he went to many states to find fetish powers for his mundane behaviours giving him the ability to appear in over 901 ways. He said;

“At the end of the whole exercise, I possessed a total of 901 power images that can be used to cajole or disappear at a scene of crime and project the image of another person.”

In essence, Shina Rambo is not dead and we still await to hear more in the escapades of the Nigerian notorious armed robber.


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