Shock As Men And Women Pay To Watch Boys And Girls Have $ex With Animals (Video)

Mombasa is known for a lot of things, including drugs, prostitution, and so on. There have been cases of bestiality all over the country but the case at Mtwapa Mombasa is far much worse. Prostitution is no longer something that people look down upon but view it as a profession.

There has been an incident where men and women pay to watch young girls and boys engage in s3xual acts with animals. The young boys and girls are recruited for that shameful act and this happens because poverty is on the rise and people have to make a living.

One person said that the boys and girls are usually high on drugs before performing the s3xual acts. After getting high, they are given a maximum of 20 minutes to have s3x with the animals and the payment is usually very little. It hurts even more when you imagine that the age of these young boys and girls range from 8 to 17. When I think about the men and women who pay to see all things, I tend to question their humanity. What if that young boy or girl was your son or daughter? I have no idea what to call this kind of business venture as it is so shameful.

The most used animals are dogs for reasons I don’t understand. When people say they are business entrepreneurs, this is not one of the businesses. The person in charge of recruiting the boys and girls and receiving the money should be ashamed. How can someone be so inhuman to this extend? These boys and girls should be in school to build their future, not in a brothel having s3x with animals to get paid.

Elsewhere, Very Shocking: Eleven Kenyan women and a foreigner have been arrested in Nyali, Mombasa after they were found shooting a pornographic movie with a  dog.

The women and the foreigner who police identified as a Swedish national were arrested last night at an apartment in Nyali. Cameras used in the shoot were also confiscated from the scene. Kisauni DCIO Shadrack Juma said the apartment operates as a brothel and police raided the place last night following a tip-off. He added that the Swedish national arrived in the country as a tourist two days ago and is believed to have been engaging in the pornography business.

He said the eleven women and the foreigner arraigned in court today where they will be charged with engaging in unnatural acts.




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