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SHOCKER! Controversy About Tinubu’s Real Age Stir Up; Shehu Sani Reveals Shocking Fact About His Age

Following the celebration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’ s daughter’ s 60th birthday, many Nigerians were surprised to learn that the former Governor of Lagos State is 69 years old on his birthday.

His age has been the source of many arguments since last March, as there are two versions of his age.

On Monday, March 29, 2021, social media users celebrated the 69th birthday celebration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The former Governor of Lagos State received birthday greetings from Twitter users and fellow politicians, who all referred to him as the Jagaban of Lagos and a political master strategist.

Ahmad Bashir, President Muhammadu Buhari’ s advisor on New Media, also paid sincere tribute to the ruling party’ s leader, describing him as a ” visionary, progressive, and a dear friend” to the President.

Meanwhile, the debate regarding Tinubu’ s true age erupted on Twitter, with data from the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia putting him at 79, rather than 69.

Many people who agreed with Wikipedia’ s statistics labelled Tinubu’ s 69th birthday as his ” football age” and a plan by his purported presidential ambitions in 2023.

Tinubu’ s age controversy began in 2019 when he celebrated his 67th birthday.

According to Nation Daily, storylines continue to emerge as curious Nigerians remark that Tinubu’ s first wife died at the age of 74, while his first son died at the age of 43, even though Tinubu is celebrating his 67th birthday in 2019.

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Some have suggested that the renowned politician cannot be the age he claims, given that he is 24 years older than his son and several years younger than his first wife.

As a result, some said he’ d be in his early 80s, while others predicted he’ d be in his late 70s.

While some voiced scepticism, others contended that it was feasible to have the age difference with the son, noting that he may have begun family life at a young age, maybe 24 years.

They also mentioned that some men married women older than them for various reasons, which they stated did not rule out Tinubu.

Shehu Sani Reacts To Tinubu’ s Age Controversy

Meanwhile, in a more recent reaction, Shehu Sani, a senator from Kaduna Central, has delivered a warning to all those who are doubting the age of the All Progressives Congress (APC) leader, Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu had become a major topic of debate on Monday, January 10, after informing President Muhammadu Buhari of his decision to run as an APC candidate in the 2023 presidential election.

Some Nigerians have questioned Tinubu’ s age, who was also a former governor of Lagos State and will turn 70 in March.

Sani responded in a tweet late on Wednesday, January 12, writing:

” You keep insisting that you want to know the real age of the Jagaban, did he tell you he wants to play for the Golden Eaglets? ”

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Reactions To Shehu Sani’ s Statement

Below are some reactions to Shehu Sani’ s tweet;

Oladipo Oyebode


Jan 12

Replying to


” In as much, he wants to play for the whole nation on politics matter. . . His real age must be known. ”

Kawu Garba


Jan 12

Replying to


” He’ s 140 years ๐Ÿ˜‚. ”



Jan 12

Replying to


” We will not vote for old people again give us our chance plz. ”

Tinubu’ s Daughters 60th Birthday Anniversary

Things became more confusing as to how the Lagos politician would be 69 while his first daughter is 60 years, nine years younger than him.

But the politician has been mute on the facts displayed on Wikipedia and other public domains.

How Osinbajo Reduced Tinubu’ s Age To 64 Years

To add to the mystery surrounding Tinubu’ s age, SaharaReporters last year, stated that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo congratulated the APC national leader on his ” 64th anniversary” in a tweet he later deleted.

” We believe we now have an opportunity to increase the number of Nigerians belonging to the tribe of Nigerians willing to fight for equity and justice side by side.

~At the 12th BAT Colloquium.

โ€ช#BATC12 #BATAt64, ” Osinbajo had tweeted. โ€ฌ

It is thought that an anonymous person also modified the year of birth of the former Lagos state governor on Wikipedia, changing it from 1952 to 1942.

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Stop Comparing My Age With Tinubu’ s, Charly Boy Begs Fans

Meanwhile, Charles Oputa, commonly known as Charly Boy, a singer and social activist, has asked his admirers on social media to stop equating his age to that of All Progressives Congress head Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu turned 69 in March, and a colloquium was held in his honour in Kano State.

Chukwudifu Oputa, a resident of Area Fada and the son of a distinguished jurist, turned 71 in June.

Several images of Charly Boy and Tinubu, popularly known as the Jagaban, have since surfaced on the internet, with many comparing their appearances. Many admirers have also claimed that Charly Boy appeared younger and more vibrant than Jagaban.

However, in a series of tweets, Area Fada questioned how people are comparing his age to Tinubu’ s on the APC stalwart’ s birthday each year.

Wikipedia Speaks On Facts Behind Tinubu’ s Age Controversy

According to additional information, Wikipedia is known to be a source of high accuracy and precision from verified sources.

While anybody can access it, Wikipedia claims that entries, including those of celebrities and prominent figures, are validated incredible sources before they are made available to the public.

According to Wikipedia, unverified edits can be made but will not be visible to the public. It is unknown how Wikipedia produced such an error in a public figure’ s age and why it had to be corrected on his birthday.


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