SHOCKER!!! Police DPO Use Mortar To Kill 2 Children Because They Stole Chicken

No be small tragedy afta  two young pipo and anoda one wounjure after Police DPO use mortar beat up three teenagers for stealing chicken

Di third pesin wey no die sustain broken bones afta di police officer beat am inside one Police station for Bauchi State.

Abdulwahab Bello na di only pesin wey survive di beatings among im three friends.

Abdulwahab say na building work im dey do and na im friends bring seven chickens come meet am and e follow dem go market go sell am, na later police come arrest dem say dem tiff di chickens.

“Di DPO make dem hold me, tie me wit rope and e cari mortar hit me for leg and my leg break immediately.

Afta dat e move to di oda leg break am come use di mortar dey hit my knee.

Na my friends come wit seven chickens and say make I follow dem go sell, infact na me borrow dem transport to di market.

Na afta dem sell di chickens dem pay me my transport money and dem use dia money pay for transport from di market.

Later, dem come arrest us say na stolen chikens and as we reach Police station, di DPO say make all of us lie down flat,

Small time e say make di police wey dey dia tie us up one by one as e go carry mortar wey e use to dey hit my friend Ibrahim until im leg break.

Afta e hit Ibrahim plenti times and dey plan to move one of us, e come yan say e no go leave am like dat, e still go back hit am more times again. E tok for interview

Di DPO continue to hit di mortar on Ibrahim for im chest and back until e stop to dey move, at first I think say maybe e just faint.

Ibrahim don already die by dat time and wetin comot for di DPO mouth be say ‘yes e beta make u die’ because u no get use.

Afta dat e move to my oda friend wey dem also tie and continue to hit am for im leg, chest and back until e faint.

Even though dem tie me up and I dey suffer pains from di beatings, I dey see everytin wey dey happun.

Afta e don hit all of us finish, na only me dey move by then, di DPO say make dem bring car and we first go drop Ibrahim body for dia house.

Afta we carry Ibrahim bodi go drop for dia house, di DPO come dey tell dem say na armed robber e be.”

See wetin police authority tok

Bauchi Police command say dem don organise committee to investigate wetin happun before dem take action.

Bauchi State Police tok-tok pesin, DSP Ahmad Muhammad Wakil say;

“Dem dey allege say police torture some pipo and e get letter wey one human rights group send to commissioner of police on di mata.

Di commissioner don already set up committee to investigate wetin happun and if at all dis DPO commit wetin dem tok, Police go definitely punish am accordingly.

Police get dia laws and every crime wey any police officer commit get im punishment.”

Human Rights groups and Amnesty International don chook mouth for di mata wia dem say wetin happun na serious abuse by Nigerian Police.

Abdulwahab wey dey recover from di incident say im want justice for wetin happun to dem.


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