SHOCKER! SEE WHAT BBNaija Host, Ebuka DID After Seeing An Obituary Of How He Died In Fire Accident


While entertainers are praying against death, some netizens have dedicated their time to spreading false rumours about the death of some celebrities.

Big Brother Naija host and media influencer, Ebuka Obi- Uchendu, in a sign- out interview, expressed shock at the false news of his death in a fire incident.

According to the 39- year- old, death threats were something he was used to but seeing an actual obituary of himself was a different thing entirely.


Ebuka said, ” Something very spooky happened. I’ ve gotten death threats in the past but for the first time ever, I literally saw an obituary of me, where someone said Ebuka died in a fire, and that confused me.

” It’ s like they’ ve gone from wishing me dead to saying I died. So that was a new low for me. And it was very very shocking. So I don’ t know if I generally had more trolling but I actually saw a moment that was different from the past. ”

You will recall that Ebuka recently opened up on how he met his wife Cynthia on social media and how their connection was not instant.


In his words, ” I met her on Twitter. We followed each other, exchanged messages a few times, and then kept it moving.

” The connection wasn’ t instant, but over time I think I realised that, beyond how much of a happy person she is, our values aligned so strongly that an attraction started to form. It also helped that she has the biggest smile in the world and laughed a lot at things I said and vice versa.

From the day we started talking seriously, I knew literally two months later that I wanted to marry her. ”


Speaking on why very little is known about his private life; the BBNaija Alumni and presenter said, ” If I could, I would never talk about them or even put out images of them anywhere. But, I cannot help it because I also love to celebrate them and show off how blessed I am with such an amazing wife. So, I have to balance it out and do it on my terms. ”

The father of two added, ” It’ s very tough on different levels.

For me, I get very riled up when she is attacked or talked about; I’ m very defensive and protective of her.

” For her, while she’ s also defensive of me, I think it’ s more the fact that she was suddenly thrust into this life without knowing what to expect, so it took her a while to come to terms with it. She still fully hasn’ t, but it’ s a lot easier now. “

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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