SHOCKING! ! ! 45- Year- Old Man Who Impregnated His Daughter Blames Her, Claims She Used Charm On Him


An irresponsible and shameless man who was arrested for Impregnating his own daughter has reportedly claimed that she casted a spell on him which made him to commit the shameful act. The 45 year old man who was identified as OlaOluwa Jimoh, was arrested in September for having unlawful carnal knowledge of his 16 year old daughter, an act which he continued on the girl eventually got pregnant for him.

However, after spending almost a month in detention, the randy man has finally opened up on what made him to commit the incestuous act. According to a recent interview which the suspect had with The Nigerian Tribune, it was learnt that the suspect revealed that his unlawful relationship with his daughter started at the insistence of the victim.

The man who explained he got separated with the girls mother many year’ s back, revealed that he worked as a farmer, he added that he started having carnal knowledge of his daughter after she came to live with him. The suspect revealed that when his daughter came to stay with him, they started having fun and having coitus only at the girls consent, the suspect even claimed that his daughter started calling herself his wife and also fighting with his wife because him.


The suspect also claimed that he tried to get his daughter to desist from calling herself his wife, but she insisted the more and even started telling people around that she was her father’ s wife, the suspect also claimed that he forced his daughter to start learning hairdressing, but she eventually started dating different men while she was learning the trade.

The man also revealed that he didn’ t even now why he started sleeping with his daughter, and that they usually copulated about three times in a day, he also claimed that his daughter may have used a charm to enchant him because he doesn’ t know what came over him, as he would never had indulged in such a shameful act if he was in his right senses.




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