SHOCKING! ! ! Criticisms As Buhari’s Government Budgets N850m To Clear Bushes In 2021


Following the federal government’ s 2022 budget which earmarked over N850 million for the clearing of bushes for the establishment of the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) integrated farm estate, the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ): a non- governmental organisation (NGO) and a knowledge- based institution reacts with criticisms, Todayng reports.

The CSJ which condemned the federal government’ s budget, claimed that it is frivolous to spend such money for the clearing of the bush for the establishment of NALDA.

According to Todayng, a document signed by the Lead Director (CSJ), Barrister Eze Onyekpere, the CSJ said: ” Most of the projects of NALDA are in ” some selected states” without a clear identification of the exact location.

” These locations should be made available before approval by National Assembly. The 2022 Budget call circular states: Please note that it is now a requirement to provide the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of the location of all projects above N150 million in value to be included in the budget.


” This will aid geo- tagging of the projects and facilitate deployment of technology in monitoring and evaluation. ”

Also criticizing the federal government’ s budget, the CSJ said: ” The purchase of SUV Jeep for chief executives of newsmen at N82, 000, 000 is unacceptable. Resources are to be allocated based on actual needs, in line with the immediate needs of the country as well as the government’ s developmental objectives and priorities. This allocation fails to meet these criteria. ”


It should however be noted that under the 2022 Budget, the federal government earmarked N1 billion to buy land preparation equipment such as tractors, tillers, including the construction of 1, 200 units of new farmhouses for N850, 000, 000, and domestication of six UNESCO cultural conventions and its protocols for N12, 000, 000.

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