Shocking! ! ! ESN Stopped The Fulani Bandits From Attacking People In Enugu State- IPOB Reveals


Over the years, the fulani bandits has been attacking various communities and towns in Nigeria and creating fear into the mind of innocent people in the country.

People have called on President Mohammed Buhari to arrest and prosecute the bandits according to the due process of law and declare them as terrorist but the federal government has always found it difficult to do so.

This issue led the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to create the Eastern Security Network popularly known as ESN to protect the people of Biafra from the attack of Fulani bandits.

It was gathered that on Sunday, the seventh day of November 2021, the Fulani bandits came to attack innocent people in Enugu state but the members of ESN went and stopped them from attacking innocent people.

In another development, the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra has revealed to Nigerians and people all over the world how the members of the Eastern Security Network known as ESN stopped the Fulani bandits that came to attack people in Enugu state.


This was contained in a press statement issued by the IPOB national publicity secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful.

While describing how the Fulani bandits came to attack people in Enugu state, Emma Power said:

While election is going on in Anambra state which is in South East region, the Fulani bandits came to attack innocent people in Enugu state but thanks to the operatived of the Eastern Security Network who confronted them immediately from attacking innocent people in Enugu state.

Continuing with his speech, he said that it’ s unfortunate that the Fulani Bandits will come to attack innocent people in Enugu state while election is going on in Anambra state, he said:

While the election in Anambra State was going on the enemies deployed terrorists disguising as herdsmen to Enugu State to attack Biafrans but the vigilance of our ESN operatives paid off as these agents of death and sorrow were repelled.

The enemies and their sponsors thought they could take us unawares but unfortunately for them, our gallant ESN operatives keep vigil over the entire Biafra land.

No matter how hard they try to attack our people, we will not allow any inch of Biafra land to be invaded by terrorists again.


In a similar development, he said that ESN will continue to defend the ancestral land of Biafra no matter the price.

We warn the sponsors of these jihadists and their foot soldiers to stop wasting their time because no part of Biafra land will be occupied by terrorists.

We assure Biafrans that ESN operatives will continue to stand on the watchtower since the hypocritical Nigeria security agents have refused to protect our people against Fulani killer squad masquerading as herdsmen.

This was a press statement issued by Comrade Emma Powerful while describing how the members of ESN stopped the Fulani bandits from attacking people in Enugu state.


Meanwhile, people have reacted to this statement and thanked the operatives of ESN for protecting the good people of Enugu state.

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