SHOCKING: Fetish Priest Reveals Why He Destroyed Micheal Essien’s Career


A fetish priest has revealed that he is responsible for cashing destructions in legend Micheal Essien’s career.

Essien who had a blistering career at both the national team and Chelsea went through series of injuries that brought his career to an abrupt end.

The midfielder’s consistent injuries which forced him to miss the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Speaking on Vibes in 5 with Arnold Mensah Elavanyo, the spiritualist noted that Essien made some promises to him, which he failed to deliver

“I handle about 50 Ghanaian footballers, some of who are currently plying their trades abroad. But I’ve caused the downfall of the players who didn’t appreciate my services,” he said.


“Essien promised to buy me a house in Accra if I helped his football career to blossom. He didn’t deliver on the promise so I brought him down.

“I’m a very simple but wicked spiritualist. Anytime I help you, I expect you to bring my thanksgiving. I helped Michael Essien to succeed in his football career,” the spiritual man said.

The spiritualist further discloses the promises Michael Essien made to him.

‘Adebayor brought Michael Essien to me as a fresh Spiritual client. I did everything to let him succeed in his football business. Essien promised to build a house for me in Accra which he lied about ” the Spiritual man answered.


‘Essien’s conduct angered me and my gods so we wiped his name from famous football people. He came to me for football juju. Let me be specific.

“He can come and doubt me if I’m lying. I throw that challenge to Michael Essien,” he added.


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