SHOCKING! ! ! How Buhari "Handed Over Nigeria To Terrorist Groups" Revealed By Activist - Mc Ebisco SHOCKING! ! ! How Buhari "Handed Over Nigeria To Terrorist Groups" Revealed By Activist - Mc Ebisco
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SHOCKING! ! ! How Buhari “Handed Over Nigeria To Terrorist Groups” Revealed By Activist


A socio- political activist, Deji Adeyanju, has blasted President Muhammadu Buhari over the recent attack on the military base in Zamfara State by armed bandits.

Adeyanju in a series of tweets said the President hates agitators while handing over Nigeria to groups.

His words, ” Buhari has technically handed over Nigeria to the terrorist group. The takeover of a military base yesterday in Zamfara confirms this.

” He is not interested in fighting insecurity but critics and the opposition. He hates IPOB and Oduduwa agitators so much but pampers terrorists.

” You will all see how Buhari will deploy 30, 000 soldiers and police in an attempt to rig the Anambra elections but he ignores all the security challenges in the North.

” These bandits have brought down a military jet and killed many soldiers and citizens but he is not concerned. ”


Meanwhile, the popular singer, Oluseun Anikulapo Kuti, better known as Seun Kuti has condemned Nigerian Pastors and Imam who keep saying their congregation should continue praying for Nigeria. He said they should be telling people to fight for Nigeria instead.

The singer disclosed this in a post on his Instagram page, added that when Pastors allegedly rped, or they were accused of rping someone, he said nobody prays for the victims.


He further explained that nobody prays for the pastors that failed to perform in their respective churches, but they were sacked from the office instead.

” Dear Priest/Imam.

” Stop saying pray for Nigerian and start telling the people to FIGHT FOR NIGERIA, abi u dey fear say dem go fight you too? ?

He added, ” Switch up the sermon! I mean when some Pastors in some churches weren’ t performing, we didn’ t pray for them, we sacked them (fought) from office.


” When some girls say some pastors r*ped them we didn’ t pray for them na. When one man say one pastor knack him wife, the pastor no pray for am o but every day pray for Nigeria, pray for your leaders. FIGHT FOR NIGERIA, ” he said.



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