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SHOCKING! Man Covers His Raw Face With 50,000 Bees And Says They Are His Friends


A strange Indian beekeper is so passionate about bees to the extent that he let 60, 000 of them cover his face. The 25 year old man popularly known as Nature MS, sees the honey bees as his ” dearest companions” and says they don’ t view him as a danger.


Nature has been keeping honey bees ever since he was seven years of age. He additionally holds the Guinness World Record for a very long time with his head completely shrouded in honey bees, at an amazing four hours, 10 minutes and five seconds.


Nature said that he does not fear bees. He said he was first acquainted with the humming animals by his dad Sajayakumar who is himself an honor winning beekeeper and a nectar producer.


Nature, who has never been stung by a bee said that his first experience of being covered by honey bees was the point at which he put milk on his hand.

He said ” Soon a multitude of humming bugs swarmed around as they covered my arm for 15 minutes” . Nature said he has never been stung by the honey bees, however it is his issue when it occurs and not theirs.


His friendship towards honey bees has driven him to seek after examinations in insect agriculture and he is at presently applying for a degree at a school in Bangalore, India. He fantasies about seeking after a doctorate in this field to ensure that honey bees are properly maintained.


During an interview he said ” Nectar is the top choice and the best thing on the planet for people, everybody loves to have honey. Honey bees are my dearest companions and I wished others also can adore my companions as I do. I and my dad began crusading about honey bee security and the significance of beekeeping.


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