SHOCKING! ! ! READ How This Three Brothers Ended Their Family Name By Killing A Mother Of Five And Putting Her Corpse In A Sokaway


The sad story of this three blood Brothers has been on the media for a very long and it makes so many Nigerians cry, how this three handsome young men will spend the rest of their life’ s in the prison custody if only the law will not subject them to death.

This Three Brothers who committed a serious case of murder sometime kidnapped a woman who was identified to be a mother of about five children killed her and went ahead to bury her corpse in a Sokaway at the back of their house.

It is true that our Nigerian police works very well because it didn’ t take the police days to uncover the woman’ s dead body.


The three brothers who were identifed aas Johnson Emmanuel (38), Gideon Emmanuel (31), and Success Emmanuel (27), all indigenes of Isiekenesi in Ideato Local Government Area of Imo State committed the crime inside their house located in Abuja. The suspects committed the crime on Thursday May 14, 2020, in Abuja.

After the must have Drugged the woman who was indentified to be a poor widow of about five children.

Reports had it that the widow, who had been a Facebook friend of the principal suspect– Johnson, was deceived from her home in Gwagwalada to visit the suspect.

He said the suspect, thereafter, took advantage of the visit, served her juice which was with drugs and subsequently had her killed.


Reports also had it that The suspect was said to have reached out to the victim’ s family, using her cell phone to demand a ransom of five million naira as pre- condition for her release, after she had been killed and buried in a septic tank at the back of their house.

What a wicked and heartless act done by this young men.


The police Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, who made the arrest of the suspect known to the media after the police has been on serious investigations to no who were behide the kidnap and murder of the woman this in a statement on Thursday said the suspects committed the crime on May 14, 2020, in Abuja.

The police boss explained that the suspects were arrested by the police in their hometown where they had taken refuge to avoid arrest.

Series of Investigation that led to the arrest of the suspects is sequel to reports received from one Chinedu Ogbonnaya who alleged that his mother, Mrs Janet Nnenna Ogbonnaya, 55yrs, native of Ozuitem in Bende LGA of Abia State had been abducted and a five million naira ransom was demanded before she could be set free.


Stinct and serious investigations and painstaking investigations by the police operatives and also the order given by the Inspector General of Police resulted in the arrest of the three suspects, whom, in the course of interrogation, revealed that the victim had long been killed and buried, in their hometown without anybody been away.

The police commissioner who confirmed the arrest tagged this Brothers as heartless and wicked been for having the mind to commit such an act without any fear.



The police commissioner showed that the suspects took a team of investigators alongside pathologists to a house at Wumba District in Abuja on Thursday where the victim’ s routing body was removed from a septic tank at the back of the house.

He added that the exhumed body had been taken to the University Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, Abuja for forensic examination.

The police PRO noted that a Toyota Highlander belonging to the deceased was gotten by police operatives at a mechanic workshop in Apo where it had been repainted into a another colour.


He said the vehicle’ s documents had been fraudulently changed and ownership of the car was transferred to the principal suspect.

Investigations also showed that the house where the deceased was killed and buried originally belonged to one of the suspects but was hurriedly sold- off to a third party apparently to obliterate evidence, ” the statement added.

The suspect immediately after their was charge to court because the already confessed and accepted the crime.

The case is still currently at the court in Abuja.


Sincerely speaking if left for me I will suggest the suspect should be sentenced to death by hanging because the have not only ruined their family name but the have kept tears and sorrow for the children of the deceased.

If only the collected the ransom and left spared the woman’ s life it would have been better but killing the woman should attract death purnishment.

The Nigerian police should put more effort in making sure that crime in the country is tackled and most of this youths who engaged in crime are all arrested and pesecuted.



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