SHOCKING REVELATION! Gumi Insist Bandits Still Need More Money, Cattles And Lands To Stop Calamity


Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi says the bandits refused to end the fight against the Nigerian government because they did not give them land and ” enough money” . Mr. Gumi said that previous attempts to ” negotiate peace” with the bandits had failed because they were ” not compensated with land or cattle or money large enough to stop hostilities. ”


He added that sometimes the government ” just gives (the bandits) a million or two million and gets their guns without even seeing how they survive. ” In a live broadcast on his Facebook page, the self- proclaimed bandit mediator said that only religion can be used to calm them down, to make amends. On one occasion, Gumi had compared bandits to militants in the Niger Delta and requested the creation of a federal ministry to deal with their complaints and those of the murderous Fulani herdsmen.


Contrary to Gumi’ s position, Katsina Governor Aminu Masari, who openly admitted that Fulani are the bandits who kill and kidnap Nigerians, said that they do not deserve an amnesty.


Also, the president, Maj. Buhari explained that when he launched the first commercial rain wheat crop in the Bassa parish of Plateau state. President Buhari, represented at the inauguration by Plateau State Governor Simon Bako Lalong, noted that the agricultural sector is one of the critical non- oil sectors, with a significant contribution of 22. 35 and 23. 78 percent to the Gross domestic product contributed to total GDP in the first and last year. second quarter of 2021.


He said that one approach of his administration has been to establish mechanisms to ensure that agriculture thrives in Nigeria, in order to significantly boost the economy and achieve maximum well- being for citizens while ensuring food and energy security. Nigeria is on the way to achieving sustainability in the production of rice, maize, cassava, soybeans, groundnuts, oil palm and cocoa, and the breakthrough in wheat cultivation in Nigeria will soon be achieved.


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