SHOCKING REVELATION! "I'm An Exclusive Ashewo"- Bobrisky Says As He Finally Reveals His Occupation - Mc Ebisco SHOCKING REVELATION! "I'm An Exclusive Ashewo"- Bobrisky Says As He Finally Reveals His Occupation - Mc Ebisco

SHOCKING REVELATION! “I’m An Exclusive Ashewo”- Bobrisky Says As He Finally Reveals His Occupation


So long as we exist as humans, we must have a source of income or a place where we get money for our daily upkeep. On the other hand, there are celebrities whom people have always questioned where they get their money from.

Well, controversial crossdresser Bobrisky, has finally unveiled his occupation and also given details on what it means to be doing what he is doing. Bobrisky’ s decision to finally open up on how he makes his money came after his fans repeatedly asked what he does for a living.


Bobrisky seems to be doing well for himself as a crossdresser. There is never a day that goes by without him bragging about himself and how beautiful he is looking. He also loves to flaunt his body shape and expensive items on his Instagram page.

This is the reason why his fans are always inquisitive to know what his occupation is and he finally revealed it to them today. According to Bobrisky, he is an exclusive ashewo who works for billionaires only. As an exclusive call girl, Bobrisky said he is trained even at gunpoint not to mention names or engage in the kiss and tell.


We surely know that Bobrisky loves to catch cruise a lot. Could this be one of his cruise catching? His fans must be so marvelled at his response to their questions. Going forward, Bobrisky also answered the question of how he can play the role of a woman knowing fully well that he is a man.

Responding to this question, Bobrisky said they should forget about it as there are many ways to satisfy his client as that is what makes him an ” exclusive ashewo” .


Well, what more can we say? Many of his fans had lots of things to tell him. Some of them gave their advice as usual, while many others laughed away the post by dropping so many laugh emojis.

However, Bobrisky thanked his fans who said they have never heard him call names of the people he works with, and expressed surprise at how his occupation has enriched him.



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