SHOCKING: See How Ondo Pastor Take Use Menstrual Pads Dey Do Juju

Festus Adebayo, one pastor inside Ondo State bin allegedly conspire with anoda man, Gbemisola Olafusi, and con use one 20 years old girl’s menstrual pad for rituals.

Olafusi yarn say he be di girl’s boyfwend, and allegedly bin collect her menstrual pad and con give am to Adebayo for ritual purposes December 2019.

Di incident bin happun for No. 17 Abayomi Upper Ayeyemi, Ondo town.

According to one source, some months afta he bin collect di menstrual pad, di victim bin start to experience some discharges from her private parts.

“Dis bin raise di suspicion of di girl family and some pipu wey dey around wey come dey reason say e fit be say she bin dey used for rituals.

Based on dia suspicion, di papa of di girl bin report di matter for police station.

Di Ondo State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Mr Tee-Leo Ikoro, wey bin confam di arrest of di suspects, di investigation bin don commence.

“Di papa of di victim bin report di case inside Ondo say he bin suspect say him daughter bin dey used for rituals by di men,” di PPRO bin state.

He con yarn say di matter don dey transfad to di homicide section of di State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for further investigation.

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Meanwhile, bin get ogbonge confusion for Itigidi, Abi Local Government Area of Cross Rivers state as one ogbonge man of God, and General Overseer of Paul’s Ministries, Prophet Paul Abam, bin enta hot pepper soup as pipu catch am dey bury juju for somebodi dormot.

Vanguard bin learn say di Prophet, wey be one Pastor inside one orthodox church inside Ugep, Yakurr LGA one neighbouring town before he con leave to open him own ministry, dem bin catch am right in di act as he dey try bury di charm inside him “victims” dormot.

Village pipu bin parade di prophet around Itigidi, Abi LGA, Cross River in one traditional way to shame am and prevent odas with such intentions becos di act na taboo for di area.

One eye witness, wey bin plead anonymity, yarn say dem bin catch am afta one pesin identify am as pesin wey he see dey allegedly bury di charms inside di building.

Di eyewitness yarn say di Pastor Abam wey pipu know as “Miracle Pastor” bin dey paraded inside traditional handcuffs afta dem catch am in di act.

“We bin catch Prophet Paul Abam inside him home town Itigidi when he dey bury charms inside somebodi building and con deal with di matter as we parade am in our traditional way to deter odas like him,” di witness yarn.


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