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SHOCKING! ! ! See The Two Women Who Help Kidnappers Carry Their Guns Through Their Hijab


According to reports given by sun newspaper the kaduna state police comamd has apprehended two notorious women who help kidnappers carry their guns through their hijab

Reports had it that two ladies th operate, by carefully dismantling the weapons which are mostly AK 47 riffles, and arrange them carefully in their travelling bags and boxes, covering them with baby clothes and other items as they enter the vehicle.


The Nigerian police has been told to make sure the two women face the wrath of law and serve the right punishment to serve as a lesson to other women to avoid going into crimes with men.

The women who were arrested by a stop and search police team along the kaduna express way wanted to avoid been search but the police insisted that the will be search.

Upon searching them the police found some parcel of AK- 47 rifles hidden under their hijab and they were immediately apprehended.

Not only been hidden under their hijab series of guns were seen in their travelling bags well package.


The two suspects were immediately taken to the police headquarters with all the exhibits recovered from them, and interrogations was done to them.

After series of interrogations the confessed and accepted the crime telling the police that the work directly with kidnappers and they supply guns to them anywere in the country.

The added that the have been disguising to commit this crime through the use of their hijab.

The police were shock that women can perform such a crime.

The police commissioner who paraded and confirmed the arrest to journalist that spoke on the current situation of bandits and kidnappers in the country is getting out hand, he added that the police are doing everything possible to make sure that this notorious armed robbers are apprehended.

He further assured that the president is willing to support the police in archiving their aim.


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