SHOCKING! ! "How We Turn Into Cat, Lizard, Eat Human Flesh"– Three Children Confess - Mc Ebisco SHOCKING! ! "How We Turn Into Cat, Lizard, Eat Human Flesh"– Three Children Confess - Mc Ebisco
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SHOCKING! ! “How We Turn Into Cat, Lizard, Eat Human Flesh”– Three Children Confess


Three children from Adamawa State admitted to transforming into cats and lizards and eating human flesh.

The kids, all members of a family from Song town in Song Local Government Area of northern Adamawa, admitted before a court in the state capital, Yola, that they gorge on human flesh every three days when diabolically converted into cat or lizard.

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The three young ‘ witches, ‘ aged seven to twelve, also admitted to bewitching and infecting a friend of their father, simply known as Umar, with an unknown disease before Chief Magistrate’ s Court 4 in Yola.

Garkuwan Sarkin Mayun Adamawa, a community leader, hauled the three children and a lady to court for allegedly bewitching Umar.

The children confessed that they had utilized demonic powers to bind their father’ s buddy with rope and iron as commanded by the mother in their confessional testimonies.

The children and the woman, simply known as Handama, were ordered to restore Umar’ s health by the court, which was presided over by Magistrate Adamu Abdulrazak.

Handama allegedly initiated the oldest of the children into witchcraft, and the mother has six children, ” all of whom are witches, ” according to the oldest of the children.

He claimed that the woman initiated him at night while they were neighbors in the same compound, and that they normally go out for a meeting every three days. He also claimed that he transforms into a lizard before going out for the meeting, where he eats roasted human flesh.

He expressed his desire to be free of witchcraft.

Handama opened his eyes to witchcraft, according to his seven- year- old brother, and he has been a witch for a year.

He claimed that, while never killing anyone, he has been attending secret night meetings and that, while in the guise of a white cat, he eats human flesh at these gatherings.

The youngest of the three claimed to have been a witch for three years, operating as a white cow and inflicting migraines, malaria, and typhoid on her victims.



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