SHOCKING! ! Woman’s Lifeless Body Found In Her Home- This Is What The Police Had To Say


The police have launched a murder investigation in a Welsh village after a woman’ s body was found lifeless in her home. She was lying on the ground when the police entered. The body was found at a property in Llantwit Fardre, Mid Glamorgan. The identity of the deceased has been withheld by the authorities as they hope to solve the case as soon as possible.

Detectives who are heading thy case have urged the neighbor to kindly report any suspicious and unusual behaviors they noticed before the incident.

A crime cordon has been set just outside the perimeter to secure the crime scene. As of now, no suspects have been arrested or named to have been connected to the case. The police upon preliminary investigations believe it to be murder. The relationship between the deceased and the murderer is also yet unknown.

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Superintendent, Darren George told news reporters that they are doing all they can to arrest the murderer. This had caused significant concern among the locals, he further added. He stressed the fact that spreading speculations and false news without confirming from authorities can cause upsets.

The main cause of death as of now is yet to be known. An autopsy examination is yet to be conducted on the body to determine the cause of death. People in the community are completely shocked as crime rates are usually low or almost nothing.

Darren George, the Senior Investigating Officer Detective Superintendent has urged the public to leave the case to the police as they try to solve the case. Speculations and false news will only alarm and misinform people, he added. They hope to solve the case quietly without raising concerns.

The police have issued a curfew to help prevent further criminal cases and offenses


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