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‘What Are You Showing Kenyans!’ Senator Omanga Bashed After Posting This Photo

Jubilee party Nominated Senator, Senator Milicent Omanga has found herself in trouble with Kenyans after her recent post which many termed as indecent.

The Nairobi based Senator is one of the most engaging political leaders on social media which has attracted both positive and negative criticism over time.

A few hours ago, Mama Miradi took to her official social media account and posted a photo of herself in a mini dress, revealing some parts of her flesh..

”Na si ni life…” Senator Omanga posted on her official Facebook account.

This post has enraged a good number of Kenyans who have come out strongly condemning her outfit arguing that she is a leader whom many young women are looking up to and this is disrespectful.

Others stated that she will regret posting all these later in life.

Here are some of the commentaries and concerns posted by Kenyans.

Wangare, ”Pia wewe umezidi sasa na hizi post, you are a full grown woman Mhesh.”

Elvis, ”The photographer rushed to Dubai due to breathing difficulties after taking the photo.. Qr.”

Brayo Kim, ”Life gani hiyo the whole leader kutuoneshe mapaja what are you showing the Kenyans really?”

Ray Reey, ”So this is what our young girls will be learning from… it is really a shame.”

Nancy Kamara, ”This is getting too much, just be presentable.”

Happy Waren, ”Huyu mwanamke na kujianika jamani… eeeh!”

James Juma, ”This is not the kind of leaders that the society wants… how can people even respect you if you dress and post such kind of photos. This is very disrespectful.”

Livingstone Ndi, ”This hustler narrative will change the direction haiwezekani sina hata food kwa meza na mwingine ajiite hustler wen anaenjoy life at jakaranda ground.”

Tonie Livanze, ”Be proud of your thighs… But one day, you will be ashamed to post them in the near future.”

What do you think of this photo by Senator Omanga?


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