Shugatiti Finally Confirms She Is A Prostitute; Pay $5000 If You Want To Ch0p Me (Watch Video)

Ghanaian model and actress, Shugatiti has finally confirmed that she isn’t just a model or an actress but something more than that.

She has confirmed that she offers her body to men and she charges people who would want to have intimacy with her

According to her, unlike other ladies who offer their bodies to men for free, she doesn’t do that.

She noted that so far as she spents cash on her hair, clothes, make-up, nails and other things, she would definitely charge any man who wants her services.

Shugatiti further noted that just for the sake that she is given thousands of dollars freely by men even for no work done, she charges at least $5000 if any man would wants to enjoy her body.

She further revealed that exposing sensitive parts of her body is her passion and she enjoys doing that all the time.

Shugatiti made these known recently in an interview.




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