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If You Have Any Of This Sickness, Do Not Eat Fried Plantain – Doctor Warns

Plantain can be used to prepare in different ways, it can be fried or boiled. Fried plantain is one of the most eat snack in Nigeria. There are different ways people prefer to do it. It is believed to be mainly originated from Asia. Fried plantain can be use as side dish to Rice, Jollof rice, and even beans.

According to health experts, plantain has it health risks and health benefits. They are rich source of Fibre, Vitamin A, C, B-6, Mineral magnesium and potassium. Eating a good that is high in fibre promotes bowel regularity.

A popular doctor whose handle is @OurFavouritrDoctor shares the health risks of Fried plantain and the set of people that should avoid it.

According to what he shares, he emphasizes that those that have peptic/ duodenal ulcer should not eat fried plantain.

  • Those that have high blood cholesterol should avoid it

-If you are overweight/obese, you should not eat fried plantain.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. According to him, he said those that have any of these above sickness should rather eat roasted plantain instead of Fried one.


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