Side Chicks Are More Powerful Than Wives. They Don’t Chase Men Because Of Money – Blessing CEO

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There are certain situations whereby some women wonder why their husbands spend more attention on their side chicks than them. This is mostly due to their inability to have proper communication with their husbands.

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Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has stated that side chicks are more powerful than wives. She also stated that they have money of their own and don’t chase men because of it. She also stated that married women have given side chicks a lot of freedom.

Blessing CEO in a live video said;

“Side chicks are more powerful and not just ordinary women. A lot of side chicks are not chasing people’s men because of money. They have money of their own but the problem is that the husband did not see them before meeting their wives.

Women think that marriage is a trap and that they own their spouses once they have a ring. Some married women just have titles without benefits while the side chicks enjoy have more benefits.

Many married women have given side ladies the gut to come out and talk. If you cannot talk to your man for more than 1 or 2 hours, don’t marry him.”

Click the LINK to watch the video.

Many would argue that the statement that Blessing CEO made shows that a man who finds it easy to communicate with his wife for a long period would hardly cheat on her.


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