Signs That A Lady Likes You (Opinion)

A girl won’t tell you that she likes you, because she is a girl. The highest she can do is to show some of these signs if she likes a guy.

(1). When a girl first sees you and tries to adjust her looks it’s a sign she likes you. If not she won’t bother about her appearance.

(2 ). Does she ask you questions? Or raises a comic topic whenever you are around her? Because its a way girls use to get a guy’s attention.

(3). A girl who likes you will either feel shy or sit closer to you.

(4). Does she treat you differently in midst of other guys? Like, being caring to you, sit around you, or move around only with you.

(5). Does she visit you?

(6). Does she call or text if she has not seen you for a while?

(7). People tell you the girl likes you.

(8). She asks for your opinion before doing certain things.

(9). Does she behave unusually because she saw a girl around you?

(10). Does she call during bed hours?

(11). The things you do, your lifestyle everything impresses her.

Girls, as they are different so the different signs they give if they like a guy. But the point is that if a girl likes you, her behavior towards you will be different from the way other girls behave with you.

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