Why Silence Makes Your Ex Come Back

Did you know that silence is the best weapon in a relationship? Well, if you don’t, today we bring to you the reason why silence will automatically make your ex come back looking for you.

This article is made general, meaning, it is not gender specific because everyone has an ex somewhere. Whether you are a guy or a lady, you must have an ex, if you are old enough to.

When couples break up in a relationship, everybody wants to show the love they had for each other. They craves for that attention they gave each other.

They tend to think that it is the right time to do all that, but the problem is, it is now too late for it to happen again. You will be forced to let go, something that is Again not very easy.


Most of the articles you have red is always telling you to let go of someone who doesn’t love you back, but none of them talks about how to exactly do it.

Letting go of someone who you truly had feelings for can be very challenging and if you are not careful, you are likely to end up doing something that you won’t like.

That being aside, you have always been told that, “Silence Is the Best weapon”. This phrase is very true in a way that, people tend to expect much from you.

They expect you to say something, but the moment you keep it silent, they will start asking themselves questions as to why?

Therefore, as the reason for this article, this is how silence will make your ex come back. Just as we have said, people expect you to talk.

In that case, your ex also expects you to look for him or her through communication. Incase you don’t do as per their expectations, they become bored and start looking for you instead.

Silence has the power to trigger many questions in someone’s mind when you don’t talk to them. It makes them feel desperate and ready to look for you.

Again, silence will teach you how to ignore someone. Nobody likes it when it comes to ignorance. Like, people doesn’t like being ignored.

They will do anything to find out why you are ignoring them. They will try reach to you to see if there is anything they can do to make you stop ignoring them.

My friend, that is how silence helps you get back to your former relationship. Therefore, whenever you feel things are not right, the best solution is to go silent.

The solution will automatically be found after you go silent. The other person will prepare himself, to find out why that is happening. Through that, a solution is found.

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