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Since All Nigerian Men Are Scared Of Dating Me, Next Thing Is To Go And Fight America For Iran!


Just why are men so afraid of us? I don’t know why military ladies are now looked upon as terror to men.

There are many instances I have seen handsome guys whom I will like to date, gave them all manner of body languages to show them that I need them in life, they will not respond in like manner. This is really frustrating and tiring.

Nigerian men have generalized that all military ladies are bad, arrogant or disrespectful. This is not true at all. Some of us just have the passion to defend our country and contribute our quota to national development. I was reading the comment session of some people about Nigerian female soldiers the other day. Many people continued to say things they don’t know about us. How many of these people have approached us?

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So I sat down, as a lady, I began asking myself some critical questions about our personality and temperament as women of the Nigeria Armed Forces. The following are some of the things I discovered about many Nigerian men that is making the ‘Army’ women intimidating to approach:

1.Many are cowards:some civilian Nigerian men are very afraid. The only thing many of them are good at is doing empty talks without weight.

An average Nigerian female soldier don’t want a man that will give her lies, make empty promises and play games on her. What they can get away with when dealing with female civilians would receive some punishment if it were to be done to a military lady.

Why can’t the men choose to be real? If they are real above being pretenders and hypocrites, they may not really have any problem with a woman in uniform.

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2.High level indiscipline:most of the men you found out there these days are very indiscipline and immature.

They want to do things randomly and without any form of consideration for what the implications can be. An average military lady holds in high esteem, the tenets of discipline and living a virtuos life.

The standards of military ladies are quite high. A young man who smokes, drinks, womanizes and is into some form of swindling, a military lady will be wary of such.

If you must date a military lady, you have to grow up as a man, ensure you have the attitude and behaviour of a gentleman.

3.Low exposure and education:most Nigerian men are allowing their background to put their backs on the ground.

Few of them are exposed, the way they talk and act already shows that.

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If a man cannot convince a military lady, whom by virtue of her profession, is travelling and meeting different people and culture, the military lady may not find him worthy of her.

The men that will easily convince a lady like us is that man who has proven himself in many areas and has a lion heart.

When all dating approaches have failed me, I feel Nigeria is not really a place for me to stay because of some prejudices that men in this country hold on to.

The only line of action for me now is to go ahead and join the soldiers of Iran and support them against the agitations ongoing in the middle east. If I actively do what I need to do, I might meet a man of my choice.

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