“I Am Single Because I Haven’t Found Someone Who Deserves Me” – Queen

As humans we all have preferences. In many cases, we the ladies are the kind of people who don’t make careless choices when it comes to marital affairs.

We all have tastes which is the reason why “one man”s meat is another man’s poison”. What Janet likes might be what Comfort hates. We have ladies who can accept any type of man that comes their way while there are others who won’t accept until such men posses required criteria.

A beautiful lady identified as Queen on Twitter has come up to declare that she is still single and stated why she is still single. According to her tweet, she is still single because she is yet to meet a man who deserves her. See her Tweet;

What this means invariably is that, those men that have been coming her way are not good enough for her.

Although the part I do not understand is whether she is too Expensive for those who have been coming or not.

What do you think guys? What do you have to tell her?

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