"I Am Single And Searching, My Inbox Is Open Guys" A Lady Posted On Facebook - Mc Ebisco "I Am Single And Searching, My Inbox Is Open Guys" A Lady Posted On Facebook - Mc Ebisco

“I Am Single And Searching, My Inbox Is Open Guys” A Lady Posted On Facebook

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First of all, to be single in the 21st century is completely and utterly ordinary. In fact, in South Africa there are nearly as many adults who are not married as are married. Broadly speaking, there’s so much value in being single that people often overlook, when we should be embracing and appreciating it instead.

Being single means, one is not legally bound to another person. And this simply means one actually have a freedom to learn, grow, and explore, without necessarily feeling guilty. Admittedly, many people are now opting to remain single. And there are plenty of reasons why people are choosing to be single; and one of the paramount reason is that, in today’s world, people who are single no longer being stigmatized and or judged by the society.

When looking for love, the fear of being single has a profound influence on the types of choices people make. On one hand, evidence suggests that men and women who fear being single report maintaining high standards for those whom they might date But what people say and what people do can be quite different.

It is important for the happiness of couples and the single that one regularly rehearse the many very good reasons why it is okay to spend one’s life without anyone. Only once singlehood has completely equal prestige with its alternative can we ensure that people will be free in their choices and hence join couples for the right reasons; because they love another person rather than because they are terrified of remaining single.

Social media has somewhat enabled most people to be able to share with the rest of the world how things are going their lives. Truly speaking, it has become impossible for many people to imagine a would without social media. Admittedly, most of the things that happen social media many people would not know about them, because they’re not broadcasted.

There’s a freedom of speech on social media, nothing is censored! And a lady used the freedom that is being offered by social media platforms to post the following:

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