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My Sister Was Always Crying In Her Sleep Claiming That Out Long Dead Aunt Was Strangling Her

According to what my grandmother always said to us when we were little and had a bad dream, it made me think for a long time that nobody can kill or harm you when in your dreams however much more frightening they are. For her once you open your eyes you are safe and the dream is gone for good.

However this was not the case to my younger sister. She begun to dream the moment she graduated from campus, whe would cry in her sleep and yell for help claiming that she was being strangled by my so long dead aunt. This happened to her both during the day whenever she decided to lay down and take a nap and also at night.

My parents became so worried about her, they then decided to take her to a few men of God referred to them by a few of their friends, but still their effort if praying to her to drive away the evilness of my dead aunt did not help at all. So my parents ended up paying them huge amounts of money for absolutely zero results. Luckily a relative of ours had sought Doctor Mugwenu help and witnesed his mighty spell casting.

So he told my parents about him and urged them to see him. They both decided to to take my sister to him the following day hoping to get back home with good results finally. On reaching at Doctor Mugwenu workshop they informed him about my sister dreams and he immediately did a ritual to cast out my aunt evil spirit claiming that it was slowly killing her.

Apparently they had made the right choice to see him before it killed her.After casting the spell he then even offered to perfom a protection spell on both my sister and the rest of us in the family. Their visit to Doctor Mugwenu marked the end of my sisters cries and bad dreams at night. She was finally able to sleep peacefully with no disturbance ever since.

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