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SIT- AT- HOME: Why All Southeast Governors Should Adopt Imo, Anambra Government’s Order


A couple of days back, The residents of the state of Imo awakened to realize that some of the banks in the capital city, Owerri, were closed on orders from the state government.

Although this was not new as a result of the recent sit- at- home order by the prescribed indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, what created this scenario different was that it was the state government that implemented that particular closures.


In the report which was made by Sahara reporters, Approximately 8 banks were affected as impatient residents walked around the bank’ s facilities until the financial system begins to function and attend to them accordingly.

Then it came to light that the banks had been closed as they had complied with the sit- at- home order and had not opened for business The late day, which was a Monday.


Some people welcomed the governor’ s decision, saying that it was the best way to solve the problem in the region.

Keep in mind that the prescribed IPOB had issued a sit- at- home order in the region that has been adhered to for some time now. The decline on this scale is that the region’ s economic activities are in a downward spiral.


Another painful incident occurred at Nsukka, Enugu state where a trailer load of motorcycles and spare parts was bunt into flames by these hoodlums.

The goods in this trailer are worth millions and it can be considered a very painful loss to anyone who owns those assets.


Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma took a drastic step in order to save the economy of the State of Imo by this singular action and It is a very good development to see other state governors heading in this direction.

Just yesterday, the 11th of September 2021, the news filtered out that the governor of Anambra gave an ultimatum to all the banks, traders and transporters requiring them to start fully and continuous economic activities starting on Monday, the 13th of September 2021.


The governor of the state, Obiano, pointed out that no government would bend its arm and watching its people wrestle with a dangerous cycle of violence brewing within the state.

It also pointed out that economic activities have been entrenched while school pupils Had left out their terminal examinations.


The governor of Ebony state, Dave Umahi had previously threatened workers in the state of Ebonyi Further, any employee who refuses to report for work would be dismissed. The governor issued this statement last month, in August.

He had threatened to dismiss any worker who absented himself from duty because of the sit- at- home order by IPOB.


The governor had made it clear that the order had cost the region a lot as the inspection of the Ebonyi airport was held back as officials of the capital, Abuja would not fly to the region out of fear of attacks by prescribed IPOB.

All five eastern states are well known as ‘ civil servant’ states as most of the residents are either traders or government workers.


The regional economy only moves when there is a transfer of commercial goods and when this is grounded, There’ s always a reason to be scared.

The government of Enugu and the state of Abia have not yet issued a declaration demanding their workers and residents to return to work as government residents still observe the order every Monday.


The Imo, Anambra approach should be adopted by every state in the East as this will be the only way to end the embarrassing activity currently taking place in the region.


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