I Was Sleeping With My Boyfriend On Mat When He Was Broke, See What He Told Me After He Got A Job

In a tweet that was shared by a pretty Nigerian woman on Twitter, she has narrated what happened to her between year 2012 and year 2016 when she was in a relationship with her former boyfriend.

According to the information that she shared in the tweet, she made it known that while she was dating her former boyfriend, they were both sleeping on the same mat together in his house, as she didn’t mind due to the fact that she loves him, as she also alleged that she do pray for him and also encourage him not give up.

However, after the same man got a good job, he moved away from the old apartment and rented a bedroom flat and after he packed inside the house, he told her that she is not good enough for her to be his wife and that, his mother can not approve their relationship due to the place where she came from, as he told her that witchcraft is very much there.

She said after he told her this, she broke up with him immediately and decided to work on herself and that after many years, the same man came back and said he is ready to marry her.


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