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I Have Slept With Over 100 Men And Snakes

It is not much easy for some people out here as they have gone through hell all their days with no better solution in their lives.Everyone had their stories if they told them to you,you would break into tears of sadness.Some have even led to a mental disorder due the unmanageable issues in their lives.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi in Tuko News’ media in a program called Tuko Talks,a lady by the name Cecelia Mwangi has narrated her sorrowful story that has left internet talking.

Cecelia Mwangi the 25 year old lady says that she has sadly had more than five abortions,where she has been married to more than four different men and on top of that she says that her body count,counts to over one hundred men.

She also says that she got married to a demonic pastor from Umoja (did not disclose name) who made her sleep with snakes and eat dead bodies in the spirit world.

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