They Slept With Their Bosses For Favours! Popular Radio Star Exposes The Dark Side About Ladies

A popular radio star has exposed the dark side that girls experience while on their daily work to ensure that their position does not backslide in terms of performance. Annitah Raey, a radio host in one of the popular radio stations in the country was talking her mind because it is something that she has ever experienced in her journey towards Success.

On a message that the radio Personality wrote on social media platform, she said that most of the working places in the country today are just but brothels, because those ladies who service their bosses satisfactions enjoy the best favours in the place and that is what pays them more, those who are morally upright end up to be victims because they have nothing to offer in the long run so they end up getting nothing at the end of the day.

Anita has just come as an ambassador of many who might be going through hard times in their work places. Many girls end up having an affair with their male bosses do that they get an equivalent benefit at the end of the day, this is however not the right thing to do. Annitah Raey just came to show the world the dark things that takes place in most work places.


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