How I Slept With My Former Boss Who Was A Married Man In A Hotel For Promotion At Work – Lady Cries Out

How I slept with my former boss who was a married man in a hotel for promotion at work

(This is the story of an unidentified lady on the internet)

I am a twenty-five years old lady who completed secondary education few years ago. I could not further my education to the university simply because my parents were not able to afford the school fees. Few years after I completed secondary school, I began searching for a job.

Fortunately, a friend of mine who was working at a very big company invited me to meet his boss as the company needed more workers. I agreed and I went to the company one morning to meet my friend’s boss. When I got to his office, I greeted him and I sat down hoping to get employed.

Thankfully, I was employed as a secretary but the boss asked me to stay so that he could take me out for a date. I took it as a joke and laughed over it. I waited for him and when he was done working, we sat in his car and he drove to a hotel.

We went into a room in the hotel where he told me to do as he says if I wanted to become a big person in the company. I felt very uncomfortable but he forced me on the bed and we did it in the hotel room.

When I went to work on the first day, the boss confronted me and told me and told me how he enjoyed the moment with me in the hotel. He also told me that he sacked the company’s manager so that I could become the new manager.

Although I had no certificate, I certainly had to accept the offer. I took the the job and few months later, I had to quit because the boss started asking me for sex every now and then.


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