I Slept Off On My Best Friend Bed at Night and This Happened – Lady Reveals

We have been best friends from infancy. Our families know each other very well. Sometimes he will spend the whole weekend in our house and sometimes too, I spend the vacation in their house. We do almost everything together, but we have never been in love before.

I really do not understand what is between us. It is like we can’t do without each other. He has his serious girlfriend and I also have my serious boyfriend, but we are always together as friends. One thing we mostly do together is watching movies together and sometimes too, playing video games together in his room.

One holiday, we both decided to stay indoors and watch movie the whole day. So I went to his room in the morning after I did all my house chores. He got food for us to eat and afterwards, we started with the movies.

He has no chair in his room so we normally sit or sleep, on his bed when we are in his room. We were watching the movies on his laptop, which was placed on his bed. After watching about three movies continuously, I saw he had slept off and I was also feeling sleepy, so ‘I slept off on his bed and this is what happened’.


His girlfriend came in without giving him a prior notice and when she came in the room, she got angry looking at the way we both were lying on the bed. She started talking very loud and this got us awake. She insisted we have done something, although nothing happened.

Now she broke up with my friend and went ahead to my both friends, telling him what she saw on that fateful day. Now my boyfriend too seems to have believed her lies and he has also left me. Now we see they are seriously going out.

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