I Slept With My Uber Driver & This Happened, Please Help Me

Hello Editor,

I really admire and appreciate all your good works on this platform. I’ve been reading people’s story and i’ve summoned courage to share my own so MORE Tribers can advise or help me out.

I’m Jennifer, and this is my story.

I was out one Sunday Afternoon for brunch with my girlfriend. Two glasses of wine later we decided to leave my car parked and head over to a different spot with a group of friends. After a few more drinks with friends I certainly was not tipsy or drunk however I did take one puff of weed, it was 10pm on a Sunday and my girlfriend decided she wanted to go home… we split an Uber back to my car, they dropped me off first and off she went.

I’m walking toward my car and I noticed my car was GONE! I walked up and down the street several times and I new I parked my car at that very spot and it was GONE! I called the authorities only to find out that my car was towed due to unpaid parking tickets!

At this point I’m sitting on the curb of the street high and upset… I finally decide to order an Uber share because there’s nothing I can do to resolve my towed car problem until Monday morning…

I wait for my Uber and he arrives. I sit in the front because I always do when it’s a shared ride so i’m Not crammed in the back with 2 other passengers. I take a look at my Uber driver and the first thing I think is how attractive he is. I start some small talk then tell him how upset I was about my car, he seems so gentle and understanding so right off the bat I liked his personality, coincidentally he didn’t have anymore passengers to pick up so it ends up being just us.

We get to my place and I told him I wanted to continue talking, so he parks in my guest spot and I ask him how old are you? He says 24! I’m a 35, in my mind “who often dates men in their 20s specifically 24/25”, therefore my eyes lit up even more… after a few minutes of talking about nonsense, he asks me if he can kiss me, I say ok and we kiss for a bit. I determined from the kiss that we had great chemistry.

He was not the aggressive alpha male type therefore I new I had to play the role of the aggressor. I told him to wait in the car because I wanted to invite him upstairs but I needed a few minutes to tidy up. I ran upstairs scrambled to make my place look decent and invited him up. I also gave myself a few minutes to see if I really wanted to do this and I did!

He finally comes up and we start kissing, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know my legs are wrapped around his head and he is giving me the best fellatio of my lifeeeeee! he ate me from the front he ate me from behind, he put his tongue inside of me and said ”You taste so effing good.” I finally decided I wanted to climax so I rode him until I did, and after I climaxed he ate me some more! This man was by far the best I’ve been with in a long time he was passionate he wanted to please me! He didn’t ask for anything in return and he left… I feel as if it was all a dream! But he was exactly what I needed at that moment.

Few weeks after, i realized i was pregnant and i didn’t tell him even when we have been talking and exchanging pleasantries because i was patiently looking forward to falling pregnant and having my own child and a perfect opportunity came knocking and since i’m getting old and no man has come my way, so i decided to keep the baby. Now my baby is 6months and my Uber driver is not aware, and my conscience is fighting me but then he is not ready for marriage and doesn’t have money, PLEASE, what should i do? I can’t keep this to myself anymore, Help me.

Please, don’t judge me. I need serious advise to go about this as i can’t handle it alone.


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