Smoking Not Only Damages The Heart But Also The Eyes, Find Out What It Does To Your Eyes - Mc Ebisco Smoking Not Only Damages The Heart But Also The Eyes, Find Out What It Does To Your Eyes - Mc Ebisco

Smoking Not Only Damages The Heart But Also The Eyes, Find Out What It Does To Your Eyes

The dangerous or rather negative effects of smoking has been sounded over and over again by numerous health organizations and personalities but it appears that many are still adamant about the whole issue. If you are heavy smoker, I am sure you must have come across various warnings that smoking increases one’s chances of suffering heart attack, organ damage and even lung cancer but probably never heard that smoking affects the eyes also.

It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that smoking affects the human eyes. Literally, one can say that smoking affects everything in the human body, excessive Smoking perpetrates the worst damages, your teeth will get rotten, your skin would dry up, you will develop heart problems and many other things but in this article, we are going to be finding out how smoking affects the eyes, so sit tight and learn something new.

How Does Smoking Affect The Eyes?

  • Colour Vision; studies have shown that people who are heavy smokers find it very difficult to differentiate between colours unlike non smokers. This is one eye weakness that actually comes with excess smoking of cigarettes and it is believed that the problem starts right from the brain, so smoking is very dangerous as it makes people to find it literally impossible to different various colours.

  • Promotes The Onset Of Various Eye Diseases Like Cataract, Glaucoma etc; this is another danger associated with heavy smoking. Smoking is very dangerous, it not only draws you nearer to your grave and serious ill health but also promotes the onset or development of various eye problems like glaucoma, cataract and many other eye problems that comes with age. So between a smoker and a non-smoker, a smoker is more liable to suffer from more chronic eye problems.

  • Damaged Blood Vessels; smoking is known for its damage to blood circulation around the body. It is not any different when it comes to blood vessels of the eyes. Neurons and blood vessels in the retina are damaged by smoking and sometimes even worse, it causes abnormal cells to grow in place thus causing more problems. So excess smoking destroys the eyes same way it destroys the organs and the overall body system. One thing you will notice when your eye starts getting destroyed as a result of smoking is blurry vision.


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