Soak Alligator Pepper In A Bottle For 4 Days, Take Twice Daily To Treat These Diseases

Alligator pepper ( Afromomum melegueta) belongs to the family Zingiberaceae, which is locally called “ose oji igbo” in Yoruba language.

Alligator pepper has numerous health benefits and when mix with other herbs, the result is super amazing.

Get few pieces of alligator pepper seeds in a bottle of any hot drink

Soak for 4 days


Take small glass cup shot twice daily for 8 days

By using this remedy daily, STROKE will be a thing of the past even if it is spiritual.

Note: Don’t let scent leaf be far from you. At least three times weekly, squeeze and drink the juice to clear blood clot in veins and arteries.

Additional Tips


2 pawpaw root

7 alligator pepper

3 bush sugarcane sticks

4 alum


Pound the above mentioned recipes.

Apply on affected part and allow it to dry.

This is a remedy for leg ulcer

Your healthy living is my concern

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