I Soaked Alligator Pepper In Honey For 20 Hours Before Eating, And This Happened (Photos)

Sometimes we are so caught up looking for something else where, when it’s right in front of us, basically we assume since it’s an everyday thing we come across hence it has no value. But did you know that alligator pepper is the perfect treatment for erectile dysfunction? You can ask the aboki that sells suya, he will tell you what kuli kuli mixed with black pepper can do for you.

But here we are with alligator pepper, sold for as low as 50 or 100 naira, but yet people eat it just for the fun of it. Let me teach what you can do with it.


Buy your regular alligator pepper from your aboki, remove it from the bulb, then get honey that will be sufficient to soak the quantity you want to consume. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 20-hours, that way the alligator pepper and honey will blend well.  After 20-hours eat the mixture with a spoon, be sure to keep it at a warm place.


The first thing you will observe is the nice taste, if you do this for one week, you will notice a change in your eye sight, your bowel movement will change, you will notice the ease with which you will go to toilet, and your desire for sugary food will drop.

There is also the benefit of quick tissue repair if you have an injury and weight loss. So next time you see an alligator pepper, be sure to buy it.


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