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I Sold Fuel For A Guy and Forgot To Collect Cash, When He Came Back, Instead of Paying, He Did This

People doing menial jobs were really facing a lot. There are good days and also vice versa in everything. There are days that customers will buy things that they would forget to pay, and it will surely be deducted in their salaries. This is one of the things that they face. If you are a victim of this, try to look back and consider what will happen to them next.

A lady whose twitter handle is @OgubuikeMabe shares what she experience when she was working as a Pump attendant.

According to her, she said when she was working as a pump attendant, a guy came to their filling station to buy fuel, which she forget to collect money from. She said the guy came back the next day acting smart again maybe what happened before would repeat itself again.

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