Soldiers Kill 3 Villagers Trying To Capture Kidnappers In Kaduna State - Mc Ebisco Soldiers Kill 3 Villagers Trying To Capture Kidnappers In Kaduna State - Mc Ebisco
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Soldiers Kill 3 Villagers Trying To Capture Kidnappers In Kaduna State

On Wednesday 21st July, some Kidnappers invaded a village in other to abduct some of the villagers, unfortunately their plan got destroyed by some of the youths in the village who had weapons. The youths rose up and chased the kidnappers that entered the village. The said village is Identified as “Kwanar Farakwai” village which can be found along the Kaduna—Zaria Expressway, Kaduna State.

According to Sahara reporters, the kidnappers came to abduct some villagers but their plan was foiled by the armed youths that chased them away. The Kidnappers were said to have gone to hide behind a rock that is close to their town, the youths also chased after them to that spot. There is a company whose staffs live in that area, they were uncomfortable with the rampage from the youths and had no choice but to call the soldiers.

When the soldiers came to the area, they did not ask any questions or even try to find out what is happening. The Soldiers just came and started shooting at the youths that were at the place, the shots that were fired killed three people while the other Individuals were taken to the hospital after sustaining series of injuries.

In anger the villagers had to surround the rock and asked for the kidnappers to be arrested and brought to Justice. The Villagers also went ahead to set the rock in that area ablaze since that is where the kidnappers ran into.

An eyewitness went ahead to give his own account of what actually happened on that day, he said that the Kidnappers came to the village yesterday with a motive to kidnap the residents. The youths of the town went ahead to put a stop to their mission, when the Kidnappers found out that the youths had some locally made guns they had to run for their lives and hide inside a rock.

The eyewitness further said that the rock which the Kidnappers ran into has a company in it, so they youths had to surround the rock so the kidnappers won’t escape. When the company workers saw the youths surrounding the rock, they became worried and had to call on the soldiers because they assumed the youths were Kidnappers. This is what brought the Soldiers who started shooting without any questions asked.

The witness also said that the kidnappers are still hiding Inside the rock, and the villagers have promised not to leave the area until they are brought out and handed over to the them.


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