Solomon Dalung admits there's a 'cabal' in the sports sector, tells successor not to allow them intimidate him - Mc Ebisco

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Solomon Dalung admits there’s a ‘cabal’ in the sports sector, tells successor not to allow them intimidate him

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Former Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Solomon Dalung relished how he rendered the alleged cabal in the sports sector useless while also advising his successor Sunday Dare, not to allow them intimidate him in a new interview.

Boasting about fighting the “untouchable” cabal during his tenure, Dalung added that Dare will have a smooth administration because he (Dalung) won the fight against the cabal in the Nigeria Football Federation and National Sports Commission.

“When I came in as a new minster, I said I am an undertaker and that I will step on toes and I did exactly that because I don’t want the next minister to be intimidated by cabals,” Dalung told BSNSports.

“I sacrificed myself so that nobody can intimidate the next minister because I have dealt with the untouchables. Before I came as Minister of Sports, no one dared the Nigeria Football Federation and the National Sports Commission the way I did and I left unhurt. But I did it and ran my full tenure. Nobody could remove or intimidate me.

“I liberated the ministry of sports, therefore, no one can dare Dare among the cabals because I have rendered them powerless,” Dalung added.

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