Some Ladies Can’t Sit With Their Men Beyond 1 Hour Because There Is Nothing To Talk About – Blessing

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Having constant communication is very important in marriage because that is the way that couples can understand each other better. However, it is disappointing that some couples have more fun talking to third parties than themselves.

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Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has lamented that some ladies can’t sit with their husbands beyond 1 hour because there is nothing that they can talk about. She also stated that a lot of people are married to strangers.

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“A lot of side ladies are more powerful than wives. Stop mistaking a side lady for a runs girl. Don’t be afraid of the woman that your husband is sleeping with; be afraid of the woman that your husband is talking to.

Some of you can’t sit with your husband for 1 hour and 30 minutes because there is nothing to talk about except when you are fighting or quarrelling. A lot of you are married to people that you don’t know anything about.”

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Many would argue that the statement that Blessing CEO made shows that women should put effort into keeping their marriage instead of relaxing once they have a wedding ring.


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