SOMEBODY’S SALARY! ! ! See How Much Nino B Paid To Get A Hair- Cut In America That Sparked Reactions From Nigerians


Several individuals expressed their displeasure after learning the exact amount of money that Nigerian actor Nino Bolanle, popularly called ” Nino B” or ” Makaniki” was charged by a barber in America after getting his hair cut.

A short viral video shared by a popular Nigerian internet personality, King Tunde Ednut, on his official Instagram account shows the Nigerian actor Nino going to a barbershop in America to get his hair cut. The video was created by a popular Nigerian internet personality, King Tunde Ednut.


As we all know, some men are keen with looking nice all of the time, and one of the best ways to appear good is to have a gorgeous haircut.

(Nino B during an interview)

In addition to making a man appear handsome, a well- cut hairstyle can also make him appear desirable and responsible.

This is one of the reasons why many men are constantly cautious and like going to the top barbers in the area.


In the video, it appears that the Nigerian actor was overjoyed after the barber completed cutting his hair because he had received the type of hairdo that he had requested. He couldn’ t keep his smile off his face as he heaped compliments on the barber for doing a terrific job on his hair.


After the barber had finished wiping away the stray hairs from his neck and untying his apron, the Nigerian actor rose to his feet, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a $100 bill, which he handed to the barber in gratitude. The young man thanked him for visiting his barbershop and thanked him for his generosity in collecting the money.


Ninety seconds passed while Nino waited, hoping that the man would offer him a change. The barber, on the other hand, informed him that he would be charged $100 for his haircut.

At this moment, the Nigerian actor yelled and demanded to know why he hadn’ t informed him of the situation before beginning work.


He claimed that $100, which is approximately N56000 in Nigeria, was too expensive for a single haircut.

What are your thoughts about spending such an amount for a haircut?

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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