Someday You’re Going To See These Images In Your Children’s Textbook

Lydia Forson2

Actress Lydia Forson is set to make history and has promised us that very soon we will see some photos she shared online in the textbooks of our children as she’s becoming miss Forson 101.

Lydia Forson is a very hardworking actress who is also outspoken and says whatever she thinks is right to shape things in the country and today she has made us understand that she’s working on something that will blow our minds if she achieve it.

According to her, she’s becoming miss Forson 101 and we are going to see the photos she has shared online in the textbooks of our children very soon but she never gave us insight as to what the images will be doing in the textbooks of our children.

Lydia Forson might just be saying this based on something she has done or is doing or she just wrote it to get our attention but the fact that she’s bent on making history is something we all know as her posts and actions say that clearly.

Whatever is it that Lydia Forson is working on we hoe it turns out to be beneficial to all and if it eventually appears in the textbooks of our kids, it will be an honor to her and her family for making history.


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