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South Africa: Why Help May Not Come! – Wale Olaleye

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Thinking the current situation in South Africa and the increasing hostility to Nigerians, the title of the book by Doris Goodwin: “Leadership in Turbulent Times”, kept flashing in my head.

I’ve been wondering what really catches the fancy of President Muhammadu Buhari, when leadership is being discussed? His sense of urgency is incomprehensibly niggling especially, when issues partaining to the security and safety of his people, both home and away, are on the card.

I’ve also noticed that whenever the president messes up any opportunity to live up to billings, his most ardent supporters either go completely mute or divert attention by discussing irrelevances.

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But on the situation at hand, I’ve come to the conclusion that South Africans are not only habitually ungrateful, they are also innately intolerant particularly of Nigerians, with a tinge of envy and hatred and without pretences.

They are doing this not because their sense of history is poor but because they choose to pay good with evil, supported by an indifferent government and knowing also that this is perhaps, Nigeria’s most vulnerable moment as a nation. Leadership!

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However, Nigerians too should start pondering their options. The South African authority is stylishly siding with their people by subtly tagging Nigerians criminal.

A South African lady-friend told me yesterday that the alleged reason for doing this was because they accused Nigerians of selling drugs to kids.

Indeed, no serious people will condone such and the more reason the tide of attacks may not subside anytime soon. And as it appears, the SA government might have been clandestinely instigating the attacks.

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It is therefore not a good gamble for Nigerians in SA. If you continue to wait for Buhari’s government to act, well, you’ll not only die in vain, your people may not also have access to your remains.

It may seem a difficult choice leaving a place you had settled and invested in, but what would you do since your life is daily being threatened with no assurances of protection from the host government?

At this rate, your life is clearly in your hands. Choose wisely🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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