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The Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing A Flying Dove In Your Dreams

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God is awesome. He is the creator of the universe and the maker of heaven and earth. He made man in his own image, made him superior to every other creature on earth. In the Bible, dove have acted as so many things scripturally.

For examples, It was seen and talked about, when Jesus Christ, the son of God was baptised by John the Baptist in the river of Jordan. The heaven open and a white dove came out of the sky.

That in the Bible simply means the spirit of God has come down on him. Christianity uses white dove as a symbol of prosperity, honor, love and peace. Likewise other religion which uses it for other reasons.

It’s like a connection, total acceptance, a symbol of peace with God. It’s a symbol that the Holy Spirit of God has come to dwell on such a person having such a dream in the Christianity way of view.

However, there are still other many spiritual meanings to this. Seeing a dove in one’s dreams signifies so many things, it refers to friendship, love, inspiration and aspiration. It’s a way of expressing peace of mind and total freedom.

A flying with dove in your dreams, also means bringing a message from the spiritual world to you. Probably at a point you asked for peace, you spoke total freedom to yourself and household, you vent your anger towards the universe of a certain pain. The dove signify that peace of mind and solution you asked for.

Also, dreaming of a dove can signify that you about receiving a call, or letter, but also peace and harmony in one’s family, business, and even love relationship. Having doves flying in your dreams can also in a way reflect your feelings. Feelings about positive resolutions to some certain challenges which have stayed to long or a good news is about to come or arriving on the way to you.

Dove spiritually means a good thing. It means peace, love, freedom and happiness. It means upliftment, resolution. Kindly share if found informative and educative. Follow @realomokaro for more updates.

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