Spiritualist Adaobi Advises Single Ladies Who are Planning to Get Marry, Check out The Advice

Do you remember A female Spiritualist Adaobi Jeremiah who said she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ and all her family will have nothing to do with Jesus? She has advised single ladies on the kind of man they should Marry. She even converted her husband from a devoted Christian to someone who now worships river.

Adaobi Jeremiah is a Female Spiritualist who inherited Spiritual powers from her late father, she doesn’t believe in Jesus. She is a native Doctor that worships rivers, she is proud of what she is doing and she posted it on social media always for people to see.

Check out some of her pictures doing Sacrifices for the river

Adaobi Jeremiah has advised single ladies that are planning to marry not to marry a poor man, she said they must marry a rich man who has everything to take care of Them. Let’s see the advice she posted on her official Facebook page.

She said:

It’s Okay to want to marry a rich man, you are not born to suffer.

Add “must be a Rich Man to your list”

Check out how people reacted to her post

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