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“In A Split Of Seconds, My Dress Was Torn, My Bag Snatched and 3 Other Guys Did This”. Lady Says




In this era of series of robbery, attacks and unprovoked confrontations by hoodlums, the “most underrated self defence” is to scream, shout, cry out loud or whatever you can do to attract attention of people nearby. Just don’t keep quite.

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Keep your mouth busy whenever you are in danger, it helps alot as it sometimes scares the perpetrators of “evil” away from you.

A lady has narrated how she was attacked in Ilaje area of Lagos on her way home from work, and how fast the whole scenario played out.

The lady narrated how she ran after her attacker and would have caught up with him. But because the guy was running towards a lonely dark area, she used her senses and went back to the spot where she was attacked, looking confused and don’t know what to do as she had already become stranded. The bag that was snatched contains her phone, money, debit card and even her house keys.

People started sympathizing with her and some guys from the dark area where the thief ran to, were calling her to come but the fear of what might happen, kept her back. But like a miracle, she saw 3 guys coming with the same thief that snatched her bag from her.

It happened that her scream and shout, attracted the guys who quickly came out and accosted the thief while he was trying to escape. Her bag and all the contents was returned to her intact.

The guys escorted her to the point where she boarded a vehicle to her destination.

This lady was so lucky to have gotten her stuff back. Many out there are not this lucky as most get wounded, raped, beaten etc in the process of robbing them of their valuables.

Please, always stay safe and be mindful of your environment especially, a lonely area in the night.

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