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Sports Betting Shops Are In Poor Communities Because Those Living There Are Simple Enough To Waste Their Money On Such Outfits – Reno Omokri

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Famous Nigerian author Reno Omokri has expressed his thoughts on Nigerian sports betting shops.

Reno stated on his IG page that betting shops only operate in poor neighborhoods because the residents don’t mind spending their money on such stuff. Also, he said, opening a library in the same area would result in a loss of patrons.

He wrote;

”How many sports betting shops do you see in rich neighbourhoods? If it was a smart way to make money, wouldn’t rich neighbourhoods have them? They exists in poor neighbourhoods because those living there are simple enough to waste their money on such outfits.

A few rich people may succumb to this bad habit, but by and large they do it with disposable income on betting apps. Sadly, you are likely to find many ‘miracle’ churches, sport betting shops, beer parlours, and brothels in poor neighbourhoods.

But if you open a library in such areas, you will hardly get visitors, even if it is free. Poverty is often, but not always, a lifestyle choice!

See how netizens reacted;

mrlinks_1 wrote; Most of the people saying “facts only “ still have their bet slip in their pockets 😂

marq3000 wrote; A lifestyle that’s been given to them by lack of jobs and inadequate schooling/grooming facilities.

The poor peoples hierarchy of need can be questioned no doubt ,but if you can blame these youths for this lifestyle choices then you really don’t know what’s going on deep in the slums.where a young boy hopes to turn 100 hundred niara to 1000 so he can eat.

Question is if jobs are created for these peoples would thrr need to patronise these churches seeking miracles and these bet shops seeking endless hope #TheGovernmentistheDevil

ojimiolajide wrote; I agreed on everything you said aside the bet aspect… There are multi millionaire who plays bet


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