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I Stabbed Her Just To Frighten Her, I Didn’t Know She’ll Die

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I stabbed her just to frighten her, I didn’t know she’ll die •Says teenager who allegedly killed 28-year-old sex partner

Jamiu Malomo is a teenager, about to clock 18. His mien also depicts innocence, like someone who would not hurt a fly. So, what could have pushed him to stab a 28-year-old lady, Azeezat Akande, who made commercial sex her source of income, to death over agreement on N2,000 balance he was supposed to pay her after a sex spree?

This is what detectives in homicide section of Ogun State Police Command are trying to unravel after Malomo’s arrest on Thursday July 22, at Oke Ilewo area of Abeokuta.

Saturday Tribune learnt that Malomo murdered the 28-year- old-lady by stabbing her on the right side of her neck in order to evade the balance payment.

Though the suspect killed the lady late in the night on Sunday, July 18, her body was discovered by residents in the neighbourhood the following morning, with a knife soaked with blood found beside her.

According to the state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said that a report on the incident by the chairman of Ilupeju Community, Oke Aregba in Abeokuta, made the DPO of Adatan Division, SP Abiodun Salau and his crack detectives to embark on investigations, where they got information that the person who was last seen with the deceased had been sighted at 3HD Bar, Oke Ilewo-Pansheke area at about 11:45 pm on July 22.

Immediately he was picked up, Malomo sang like a canary about his deeds.

In an interview with Saturday Tribune, the suspect said that he picked up the deceased from Oke Ilewo and took her home for sexual pleasure. After having carnal knowledge of the victim, she had demanded for the N10,000 which was their agreement, but he gave her the N8,000 he had with him.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

“I went to meet her at 3HD Bar at Oke Ilewo on Sunday July 18. It was not my first time of picking her. I promised to give her N10,000. When we got home at my father’s house at Oke Aregba, she said I didn’t treat her well the last time we were together.

“She gave me Refnol and Tramadol tablets so that I would be high and perform very well. That was the first time she would give me such. We were together twice before.

When we finished, I gave her N8,000 and she was furious. She held my shirt and asked me to complete her payment. The agreement was for about two hours because I thought of the time we would spend to walk home, buy food and eat before our sexual relationship, but we didn’t spend up to an hour.

“We went out of our house after 10pm and were walking along. At a point, I stopped and gave her my phone, asking her to hold it while I go back to the house to bring the N2,000 balance.

I got inside, checked my pockets but couldn’t find any cash. That was when I decided to take a knife to frighten her, so that she would forget about the N2,000.

“When I got back to her, I didn’t know what came over me as I used the knife to stab her on the neck in the dark, took my phone from her and ran back to our house.

I didn’t know that she died until the following day when I heard in the neighborhood that someone died. I became afraid but didn’t say anything.

“On the day I was arrested, I was going to the bar area at Oke Ilewo to eat and have a drink when police came to take me their station.”

My background

“I was born on September 5, 1993. My mother is from Ondo State while my father is from Abeokuta. My father had numerous wives but there are three of them and my mother with him now, making four. Many of them have left.

“I’m the only child of my mother, but my father has a number of children, some of who are married.

“From the story of my childhood, my mother had a disagreement with my father when I was a year old and left me with him. My mother reconciled with my father in 2019 and they are together now.

“During the time my mother was away, I was attending school but stopped in SS2. I learnt surveying as a vocation. This was because school was on strike when I started learning the vocation, and by the time the strike was called off, my father suggested that I should conclude learning the vocation. That was why I opted out of school.”

Foray into drugs

“I started smoking marijuana when I was in SS1 while in secondary school. I was initiated into it by the senior students in my school (name withheld). I was taking it until I went to prison but I’ve not taken it since I returned from prison custody.”

Journey to prison

“I was remanded in prison in January this year and came out on July 2. What happened was that I was an estate agent and a woman brought N180,000 to pay for a two-bedroom flat for N280,000. She promised to bring the rest of the money. After expecting her for about a month, despite her telling me to be patient, I spent about N120,000 from the money kept with me by the time she came back.

“I was arrested and charged to court. When we got to the court, I was remanded in the prison, pending the time I would pay the woman’s money. My father went to look for the money and paid, which led to my release from prison custody.

“I started having sexual relationship at the age of 16. I have a 17-year-old girlfriend but I have never touched her because she’s is still young. I used to go to prostitute.

“I don’t understand why I had to stab someone. I don’t know what made me do it. I’m a Muslim, but I don’t go to mosque or pray.. When my parents were told of what I did, they told the police that they would not come to see me.

“I want the government to help and save my life. I made a terrible mistake. I know that law says that someone who kills should be killed, but I plead for mercy.”


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